ARRANGE AN EXCLUSIVE TOUR OF FARMS booked through Favorite 5 Country Farms, which will include an Agri- Tour of at least 4 farms. Meet the farm owners and chat with them about what they raise. Find out what inspires them to do what they do. Each location is unique and has much to offer you to experience and to learn. Ask questions. Enjoy and experience all the day has to offer.
Plan to spend your day in the country on one of our custom designed tours for you. Tours may include information and demonstrations on:
*How to care for and train various types of livestock.
*Learn something about Grape Vineyard growing techniques
*Discover why Oregon is so famous for its wines.
*Get great tips on how to keep your garden watered the easy way in the summer.
*Take home a copy of a quick and easy recipe to keep yellow jackets away!
*Check out how Tom grows his great Marionberries, boysenberries, and other vine crops.
You will have an opportunity to pet some of our friendly animals:
*Miniature donkeys
*Arabian horses
*Athletic hunter/jumper horses
*Sheep and lambs
*Cashmere Goats
You may feel the fleece from a sheep and check out the fibre from the Alpacas
Have fun and learn something new!
There will be opportunities to select and purchase wonderful:
*One of a kind home and garden decor
*Elegant hand crafted jewelry
*In season vegetables, nuts, fruit, and trees
*Herbs and plants
*Soft Clothing made from Alpaca and Llama Fibers
*Local wines
*Original Art Work
Your delicious Lunch will be served in a serene country setting on one of the farms. Yes, your group will be inside in bad weather and outside in good weather.
We can arrange transportation for groups of 15 people or fewer. When you call to set a date for your group just let us know how many folks and we will take care of the details. If you are providing your own transportation, buses holding 25 people or fewer are easy to park at most locations. We encourage you to leave the driving to someone else if you plan to enjoy the wines offered at one of our participating wineries.
"After escorting trips for about 7 years, it is easy to tell when a trip is working. The trip provided by (Favorite 5 Country Farms) was one of the most pleasant we have experienced. All the comments I received were glowing." from Dan McCoy - Eugene, Oregon
We look forward to helping your group experience all the country has to offer in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Join us rain or shine, any time of year!
Call us soon for more information, specifics, and a brochure.
Shelby ~ 503-625-6023
Tonie ~ 503-682-1604